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The San Martino 26

Who we are

The San Martino 26

The San Martino 26 is located in a beautiful historic building, in the heart of the fantastic San Gimignano. 

San Martino 26 represents the inspiration and soul of chef Ardit Curri. In an elegant and refined atmosphere, with classy background music, Ardit and his staff propose their original and innovative vision of cuisine, a cuisine aimed at enhancing the typical raw materials of the Tuscan territory, but which also takes into account the individual experiences of each member of the staff and which develops day after day thanks to the ideas of individuals. An emotion of flavors in  dishes and recipes of great personality and character.


Ardit Curri

Our chef

A technical and reasoned gourmet cuisine that draws on the Tuscan territorial traditions without however renouncing to range from the cuisines of other territories: this is the vision of chef Ardit Curri, considered one of the greatest exponents of signature cuisine in Tuscany. A true artist who follows the ideology of uniqueness and innovation.

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